Dog Park

Location: On Ugugu Drive, adjacent to the former Equestrian Center
November 1 through March 30 - 7 am-6 pm
April 1 through October 31 - 6:30 am-8 pm

The Connestee Falls Dog Park is a large, fenced-in area where dogs can socialize and exercise off leash. (Sometimes the owners socialize too!). It is located off Ugugu Drive near the former Equestrian Center building. The park is open to Connestee Falls property owners and tenants who are members of the Connestee Falls Dog Owners Group (CF-DOG).

The membership fee is $100 for a lifetime family membership (includes all dogs in a family). Renters may join for a $25 fee.

  • Click here for Membership Roster (updated 7-12-21)
  • Click here for Dog Park Application (or stop by Admin for a paper copy)
  • Click here for Dog Park Rules
The contact person for the Dog Owners Group is Tina Schonhaut at 828.885.5480 (email [email protected]).