Connestee Library

The Connestee Library, located on the lower level of the Clubhouse, has a large selection of books, games, video tapes, DVDs, and CDs for use by our residents. The circulation of 750-800 per month confirms that a large percentage of our homeowners take advantage of this valuable resource.  As with many of our Connestee programs, the library is managed by volunteers and stocked through donations from residents.

If you're new to the library there are a few simple guidelines:

  • Take any books, puzzles, DVDs, audiobooks or magazines that interest you. No check out is needed and all are yours to keep as long as you need to keep them.  When you return them, please place them in the basket on the desk marked "Returns" and our "Library Angels" will make sure that they get shelved appropriately.
  • We've had a generous donation of Blue Zones books and these are clearly marked on one of the lower shelves.  To ensure that everyone has an opportunity to read these we ask that you take only two at a time and return in two weeks.  There are the only books in the library with any kind of time limit.
  • Puzzles are on the lower shelves and are organized by number of pieces.
  • Donations are always welcomed and may be placed in the basket by the desk marked for donations. 
  • There's also a basket for AAUW booksale donations that residents can use to place donations for their annual sale. 

The contact persons for our Library are: